ASC is working with regional partners on live sustainable communities projects across the country to pilot innovations and test out new ways of working.

This will enable the ASC and the Regional Centres of Excellence to:

  • Understand the skills deficits in each region
  • Identify how to increase skills levels and build capacity
  • Develop an understanding of what changes behaviour 
  • Learn lessons from past programmes and present new approaches 
  • Demonstrate how knowledge, skills and experience can influence change
  • Capture lessons that can be shared and transferred elsewhere
  • Build an understanding of each region's position in terms of both the generic and professional skills required to deliver sustainable communities, and through this, the overall national picture

We have looked for a range of projects so we can understand the many different challenges involved in creating sustainable communities. However, they will share the following core characteristics:

  • A focus on improving skills and increasing capacity locally
  • New approaches to developing generic skills
  • Engagement with one or more of ASC's priority areas
  • The ability to disseminate knowledge and information regionally

To secure a consistent approach, we have commissioned an independent organisation to evaluate the programme. Everything we learn will be published on our website, providing practitioners and organisations with practical solutions to achieving sustainable communities.

There will be one learning lab per region in both 2006-07 and 2007-08.

A planning exercise


Download evaluation of 2006-07 labs 

»  part one

»  part two