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What is train&sustain?

It's a flexible electronic toolkit that provides trainers with all the resources they need to give a good basic understanding of the sustainable communities agenda to their chosen audience.

train&sustain has been developed by ASC as part of its remit to raise awareness of the sustainable communities agenda, improve understanding, and help develop the skills needed to deliver sustainable communities.

Who should use it?

train&sustain can be used by anyone familiar with the role of trainer, and with experience of organising and facilitating small workshops.

You'll also need to have a reasonable level of background knowledge about the sustainable communities agenda.

The materials are all aimed at an audience requiring a basic understanding of sustainable communities. However, they can be tailored to meet the needs of a variety of audiences with different levels of know-how and experience. 

How does it work? 

You'll be given a USB memory stick which contains:

  • An introductory guide which describes different aspects of the sustainable communities agenda.
  • A slideshow - a workshop presentation in the form of a set of slides.
  • A manual which provides advice on how to use the guide and slideshow to engage different audiences. It includes the slides with accompanying notes, and all the resources needed to run a workshop.

You'll be able to construct a variety of learning activities, lasting from just a few minutes up to a comprehensive full-day workshop, and tailor the contents and structure to suit your audience.

It's easy to add your own material, such as local case studies, information about your organisation or other relevant resources. Simply add to your USB memory stick, and you'll have everything you need to discuss sustainable communities in one place.

» See our guide to using train&sustain

train&sustain has been designed and developed for ASC by JSA Regeneration Limited, working in collaboration with Gainford Design Associates LLP