The Regional Centres of Excellence for sustainable communities (RCEs) were established as a result of the Urban Task Force chaired by Richard Rogers in 1998, which recognised the need to address urban design skills.

The publication of the Sustainable Communities Plan in 2003 widened their role to cover the skills involved in creating sustainable communities. The Egan Review in 2004 further confirmed the need to develop a set of new, broader skills among sustainable communities professionals.

The role of the RCEs is to:

  • Drive the development of skills and learning at regional level, especially cross-sector, interdisciplinary and inclusive learning.
  • Base their pursuit of good practice on research, evidence and innovative thinking.
  • Promote skilful practice across all the domains of sustainable communities.
  • Promote and support quality in the built environment.
  • Work with professionals to identify and help meet their skills and learning needs, and to identify good practices.

We work with the RCEs to share best practice nationally. We will showcase the work of each region and we will publicise our collaborative projects.

We have mapped the learning and research work programmes of the RCEs here.

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